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Test Automation Strategy

Below are links to a series of articles I have written or plan to write on Test Automation. Enjoy!


Testing Scopes:

  • Unit
  • Integration
  • System
  • System (coming soon™)
  • API (coming soon™)
  • UI (coming soon™)
  • Why Test Scopes Matter (coming soon™)

Standard Test Types:

  • Given/When/Then (coming soon™)
  • Smoke (coming soon™)
  • Regression (coming soon™)
  • Static Analysis (coming soon™)

Automated Testing Techniques

  • Quality Gates (coming soon™)
  • Test data management (coming soon™)
  • Reporting Test Results (coming soon™)
  • Test history visibility (coming soon™)
  • Simulated failures (coming soon™)
  • Mocking (coming soon™)
  • Test Harness Creation (coming soon™)
  • Page Object Model (coming soon™)
  • Cross Platform Testing (coming soon™)
  • Non-Functional Requirements (coming soon™)

Specialized Test types:

  • Characterization (coming soon™)
  • Monte Carlo (coming soon™)
  • Mutation Testing (coming soon™)
  • Load Testing (coming soon™)
  • Fuzzing (coming soon™)
  • Geographical Testing (coming soon™)
  • Property Testing (coming soon™)
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