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The Dancer's Code

The Dancer’s Code is a list of reminders I’ve made for myself on how to be a dancer who gives and gets the most out of dancing. All the dancers I know could do a little better with at least one of these things, myself included. But just like with dancing, perfection isn’t the goal. The goal is to strive to be your best.

The Dancer’s Code:

Dancing isn’t just something you do with your feet. It’s a community. When you see someone you don’t know, be an ambassador. Don’t just dance with them – befriend them.

Sharing a dance is generosity. It’s not something anyone is entitled to. When someone dances with you, appreciate it. Likewise, be generous to others with your own dancing.

Dancing is a talent, not a virtue. Being a good dancer doesn’t make someone a good person. That’s something you do off the dance floor.

Dance hates drama. Whenever someone comes up in a conversation, imagine that they’re listening. If that makes you uncomfortable, end the conversation. You have better things to talk about.

We don’t practice to learn how to dance “right.” We do it so that when the music comes on, your partner takes your hand, and you feel a desire to express yourself, your body doesn’t get in the way.

Above all, have fun. Stress has no place on the dance floor. Great music, great people, and the freedom to let your feelings move you. All that’s left is to smile and let it happen. That’s what dance is all about and it’s the thing we have in common that brings us all together.

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