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Firefly: Out of Order

Recently, I was attempting to consolidate my media collection onto my home PLEX server (which I really like!) In the process, I attempted to copy over all episodes of Firefly from the series’ Blu-Ray release, and upon doing so, found that they were in a completely incorrect order.

I assumed the mistake was on my end at first, but after doing some research, it seems that the reason for this is that FOX did not originally air the series in the correct order. For example, the 2-hour Pilot episode meant to introduce all of the characters was the 11th episode they aired (which probably has something to do with how such a wonderful show got cancelled, but don’t worry it’s fine I’m not bitter or anything I just think we need some time apart, FOX, I’ll be staying with my parents this weekend, you watch the kids.)

Later, the series was released on disc in the intended order, but this meant that the database used by PLEX to determine the names and order of episodes, TVDB, had to make a decision: which order was right? In this case it seems that they decided to go with FOX’s order, but that isn’t the order I wanted my collection to play in.

So to help out anyone else who encounters this strange discrepancy, below is a table of the episodes, listed in the order they appeared on the Blu-Ray release of the series, with their originally aired order (to which PLEX defaults) noted. Simply add the series to your PLEX server and then create a playlist with the episodes in the right order if you want to watch the whole series all the way through!

Blu-Ray Episode #TitleOriginally Aired #
1Serenity (Parts 1 & 2)11
2The Train Job1
6Our Mrs. Reynolds3
8Out of Gas5
10War Stories9
12The Message14
13Heart of Gold12
14Objects in Space10
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